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How it works

FarmAlert offers a farm-wide security solution that starts with a subscription to our service. With your subscription, you gain access to a range of items, features and services listed below.  You can add the necessary security devices to meet your specific needs and protect your farm effectively. Choose FarmAlert for a comprehensive and customizable security solution.

The Control Hub

The control hub is a professional grade security device and the brains of the system, it connects to your source of internet.  If you do not have internet it can connect via cellular. 


The Mobile Phone App

The mobile app is the interface with the security system.

It is feature rich yet easy to use and understand.

  • Arm and disarm the system

  • Get instant alert notifications and keep track of what is going on.

  • View your security devices and their status, eg is the gate open or closed.

  • Smart reminders to arm the system when you leave, or disarm when you return, or even arm automatically at night.

  • View live camera footage

Farmalert mobile app_edited.png

Administration and Maintenance Service

We know there are already enough jobs around the farm, and learning and managing a professional security system is the last thing you want to do.

FarmAlert will monitor your security system performance and keep it running.

  • if you need any changes, we can make these for you.

  • If there are any issues, we will sort them out.

  • We will monitor battery levels and change them when required.

  • Our suppliers will provide upgrades to your system, so it stays current with new features and improvements and new devices that might benefit you.

A security sensor can detect a voltage drop on an electric fence
Injuries or Illnesses, that can happen to farmers while working. Man is using his hand to

Health and Safety

Inside the Mobile App there is a virtual panic button. This will send an alert to all other users and let them know you location on a map so they can come to the rescue.  We see this as being an important health and safety feature as well as a great security feature.

FarmAlert works to prevent crime, not just record what has happened via a CCTV camera - that is if you are lucky enough to capture an event.  It's a burgler alarm for a farm with integrated camera options. 

Check below to see how it works, then take a look at the product options:  

Security Alert
Farmalert mobile app_edited.png
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